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Bad News For The Rest Of The NFL: Lamar Jackson Is BACK


It feels like it's been months since we've seen Lamar Jackson on a football field. Crazy that he's only missed one game. This football team has been in a spiral for weeks and it really climaxed with Lamar testing positive on Thanksgiving. It really feels like that was rock bottom for this year's Ravens. They had to take the field against their fiercest rival without their fearless leader and despite fighting admirably, falling to 6-5 was all but a foregone conclusion. We know what kind of difference-maker Lamar is because we just had to watch this offense without him. Thank god he's back.

Now they've got their work cut out for them in a wild card race they never really expected to be in. While all of these COVID issues were obviously a massive distraction and a net negative, I think it gives them a chance to step back and look at the big picture. This is still a wildly talented roster, even with season-ending injuries at a lot of key positions. Lamar's time away gives him an opportunity to hit the reset button and hit the ground running against what's a pretty favorable schedule to finish out. The Ravens will likely have to go 4-1 at a minimum and should have their sights set squarely on running the table. Only the Browns pose a real threat and are the cock of the walk right now but even then, the Ravens should have plenty of confidence going up against a team they smoked 38-6 earlier this year.

By no means is this a lost year. It's not the year that we thought it'd be, but the Ravens are far from out of it. John Harbaugh football teams have always played better when they've got the underdog mentality and just about everyone is counting them out right about now. I wouldn't. It starts with one game tomorrow against Dallas, a team that struggles mightily against the type of run game the Ravens thrive at. Take care of business and then we go get the next one. Can't wait.