Spice Adams Inspired By Sammy Sosa Inspired By Sammy Sosa's Crazy Brain

First of all. This is pretty funny. Sammy doing it was hilarious because anything Sammy Sosa does is amazing, so when you add a fat person to something that was already perfect, well it just works. Self Aware fat people have the ability to be the funniest people on the planet.


Second, and more important. What the fuck is Anthony Adams doing? Like I know what he does, he’s a retired football player looking for a job in the media, but I don’t get how he’s doing it.  I have never seen someone go about it the way he is. Every time I turn around he’s on a radio show or a youtube video begging for a job. And don’t get me wrong I think he’s actually a very funny guy and talented but the whole schtick reeks of desperation. Play a little hard to get Spice. Make them want you. Make them think they cant have you. Just do anything other than groveling for work. Treat your next job like a hot chick. You think hot girls want you to tell them they’re pretty and you would love to fuck? No. They want you to treat them like shit and lower their self esteem. Demean them and pretend that you’re not interested. So stop acting like the nice guy who takes girls on dates. You’re better than that. Clean it up.