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Ya'll Wanna See What A 1000 MPH Fastball Impaling A Dummy Looks Like?

I saw this clip pop up on my timeline this morning and I officially know what it feels like to get hit with one of my fastballs. I mean holy fuck - this baseball had some LIFE on it. I'm not talking about that pussy ass 97MPH fastball that a hitters perceives to be 100MPH... I'm talking about a 1000 MPH WSD heater that will completely impale someone. 

Looks like I got my work cut out for me though. I want to beat this machine and I want to beat it badly. Give me 3-4 weeks to get my arm in shape and maybe a little fine tuning by the White Sox new hitting coach Ethan Katz and that's all I'll need. Come 1/1/2021 I'll be inked to be slotted between Giolito and Keuchel in the Sox rotation and we'll be hellbent on winning a World Series, even though they're "unlikely" to sign George Springer, per Jeff Passan:

From Passan and ESPN

As much as Chicago White Soxfans are frothing for George Springerto round out their dynamic lineup, he is extraordinarily unlikely to sign with Chicago for a number of reasons, sources told ESPN. Springer's market isn't lacking -- not even with him valuing himself at center-field prices. The White Sox don't need a center fielder, though, with the dynamic Luis Robertholding down the position; and paying center-field prices for a corner outfielder isn't the White Sox's style. Actually, paying nine figures for anyone isn't how team owner Jerry Reinsdorf operates. And with the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Mets among a large group interested in Springer, Chicago is likelier to seek a left-handed bat -- someone like Springer's old Astros teammate Michael Brantley.

Get the FUCK out of my face. Now I have no idea if this is posturing or if they plan on actually pursuing springer or not, and when I say actually, I mean like ya know… offering the most money… but it's still infuriating to read nonetheless. If the White Sox were to sign Springer, their lineup and its payroll space would be set for legit years on end. It'd be fixed. 

It'd like like this:

1. Anderson 6
2. Moncada 5
3. Abreu 3
4. Eloy 7
5. Springer 9
6. Grandal 2
7. Robert 8
8. Vaughn DH
9. Madrigal 4

I legit had trouble placing Robert at 7 as he'd be a top 3rd hitter in just about any lineup in baseball next year. That lineup would be TERRIFYING for opposing teams. 

But the point is this - all of those players are controlled for 3 more years at the minimum. So I have a hard time comprehending why they're not interested in his price tag… I get that they didn't make money in 2019. But this is an organization who's made money hand over fist forever and will start making money hand over fist again once fans can attend, which I think will be 2021. It's bat shit crazy to me that teams have the gall to cry poor when they're not, in fact, poor. 

Take a look at this FanGraphs article that came out a few days ago. Though MLB is now suing their insurance providers citing losses of billions of dollars…

…The one publicly traded origination in baseball, the Atlanta Braves, more than likely made millions in 2019 despite no gate, concession, or parking revenue. From FanGraphs: 

If we assume that The Battery, with $8 million in third quarter revenue, is a breakeven proposition at the moment, that means that on an operating basis, the Braves’ turned a $6 million profit during the season despite having no fans in the seats. While MLB might claim teams lost money for every game played this season, the Braves are the only club with any amount of transparency regarding their finances, and they didn’t.

Now I can't speak to how accurate the FanGraphs article is, but they're FanGraphs, aka the smartest guys in the room when it comes to baseball finances and statistics. I think we can safely assume they're correct, so that's why it makes me sick to my stomach that baseball teams across the league are using financial "losses" via covid as an excuse to not spend or go for the jugular and win. That is other than Stevie Cohen apparently, but IDGAF about him. I care about the White Sox and the White Sox only. They have a chance to go for the jugular and for whatever reason Jeff Passan says they are unwilling to slit any throats. I mean there is just NO EXCUSE to get beat out by the Toronto Blue Jays for a blue chip recruit if you're a team in Chicago. Not now, not ever, and it disgusts me that that's a possibility. 

It's so goddamn annoying. Like I said, the lineup would be set for YEARS. Legit years. Fill in the bullpen and backend SP depth  with Lance Lynn type trades and you're a contender to win World Series starting in 2021. That's not embellished, either.