The Week 13 Good Juju Song To Play While Setting Your Fantasy Football Lineup™ Is...

Open your fantasy team on your phone or another tab, click Play on the video above, and let the good juju flow into your roster as you set your lineup

It's the last week of the regular season for most fantasy football leagues, so we clearly have a ton of playoff ramifications on the line today. So that means we are playing nothing but the hits, nothing but the hits, nothing but the motherfucking hits from here on out so we can all cruise to unlimited bragging rights for the next year together and starting things off with the song that introduced the happiest-go-luckiest Marvel franchise in the most ambitious crossover event in history.

If we all enter the fantasy playoffs with that type of energy, NOTHING is stopping us.

Now let's pray to our fantasy football goddess, Jenny from The League:

Clem Island Celebrate And Gamble Responsibly 6 Pack Of The Week:

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Titans -4.5

Colts -3

Giants +10.5

Raiders -7.5

Rams -2.5

49ers -1

Best of luck to everyone's virtual and betting teams today. Let's go eat a goddamn dub!