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Some Dude On Coastal Carolina Tried To End Zach Wilson's Life By Driving His Skull Through The Earth's Crust

Today's Mormons vs. Mullets BYU-Coastal Carolina clash has lived up to the hype and then some. Both teams came to play and safe to say it's getting chippy. By that I mean number 94 on Coastal forgot he was playing football and decided he was going to try and murder Zach Wilson on the football field. Motherfucker thought he was the Rock for a second. He didn't try to hit him hard. Didn't try to rough him up. Nope, he literally drove Wilson's skull 400 mph into the ground in hopes of stopping his life functions. No exaggeration number 94 just tried to end Zach Wilson's life and was willing to live with the consequences. 

The moment Wilson's hail mary heave to end the first half was intercepted he set his sights into murdering BYU's star qb. You wanna pump your chest and keep repeating the "anytime any place" team mantra then you're going to put a nice target on your back when you try to back that up. You want to try and throw a 70 yard bomb as time expires, well the moment it's picked off you just turned into a defender that Coastal is going to "block." No idea how that wasn't called a penalty. Dude was straight up mugged on the field and the ref just stared on like it was just a good clean tackle. I mean what are we doing here stripes? I'm all about big hits and all that, but a cop could've arrest 94 for assault there. 

I hope Wilson throws for 400 yards and 5 touchdowns in the second half and tells everyone on the Coastal sideline to suck his dick. I love this guy.  Dude plays must watch football. Mormon Mahomes. 

Update: As I'm typing this 94 just hit Wilson going out of bounds on the first play of the 2nd half. If you're not watching this game, you best change the channel right now.