Goddamnit Now Today Is Completely Ruined - No.1 Gonzaga vs No. 2 Baylor Was Called Off Less Than 2 Hours Before Tip

Not even hyperbole, my day is ruined. I had my day planned around this game at 1, some other college hoops games and then Kentucky/South Carolina football at 7:30. A perfect day some would say. But now I can't catch a break. My 11 year old recliner where I sit daily to work and watch games, is finally starting to break. I couldn't buy a winner yesterday. And now this. It sucks. No other way to put it. It was the biggest game of the nonconference. We don't just get No. 1 vs No. 2 all the time. Typically we get it at the Champions Classic which kicks the season off. Rarely do we get it a couple of weeks in with two teams that everyone has as the consensus top-2. 

We need this game rescheduled. There's no other way to put it here. We have Big 10 games on Christmas Day, can we get this game scheduled the same day. Or better yet what about Christmas Eve? Play it at like noon on Christmas Eve. We're all going to watch. Turn Christmas into a full basketball event. It's not like the kids get to really go home anyways with games and practices. Play it in Indianapolis like scheduled or some other neutral place - South Dakota perhaps at the Pentagon - and let us all enjoy this. Gonzaga's offense vs Baylor's defense. This is the game we need as college basketball fans. 

Day. Ruined. 

Oh and here's what makes it even worse. We could have had an awesome game. I have no idea who they had lined up, but Baylor is so damn fun to watch