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Distracted Driver Jumps Over Opening Drawbridge

I dont like going for the low hanging “women dont know how to drive” fruit, but I was shocked…SHOCKED…when a dude jumped out of that car. A young guy too. I thought for sure it was gonna be a woman, an old person, or an Asian. Seeing an able bodied 29 year old guy get out of the car there was Upset City.

I love how he did the old routine where you step out of the car acting all shocked and surprised at what just happened. Lean your head back in the car acting like something might have been wrong in there. Give the appearance to any onlookers that it maybe wasnt your fault and something just went awry. No bro, you’re just the asshole who was tweeting while driving and blew through the traffic arm and jumped over an opening drawbridge like you were Vin Diesel filming a Fast and Furious scene. At that point the only way to play that off is to keep driving and put your car in the water or something. At least get some sympathy votes. Right now you just look like the asshole.