John McCain Came THIS CLOSE To Catching A Foul Ball Last Night But Booted It



Ahhhhhhh you hate to see that happen to anybody.  A prime foul ball gets hit your way and you boot it.  You wait your entire life for that moment and then it slips by you in an instant.  I can’t blame McCain.  There’s a solid chance the same thing would happen to me.  I’d psych myself up and then, when the moment came, I’d panic and run out of the way.  Classic Trent.  You remember the guy from a few years back who sprinted away from the foul ball and it hit his girlfriend in the leg and she got super pissed?  That’d more than likely be me.  McCain at least hung in there and took a stab at it.  Also when you factor in that the guy is 78 years old now and still dealing with injuries he sustained while bravely serving this country, you gotta just tip your cap to the old guy for giving it a shot.




This picture is an A+



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