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What Year Is It??? - RG3 Is On The IR With A Leg Injury And Colt McCoy Is A Starting Quarterback



Ain't life something else? Boy. Sometimes you gotta sick back in your rocking chair, crack open a cold one, and reflect on all of it. Of course today I'm talking about RG3 being on the IR with a leg injury and Colt McCoy starting games for the NY football Giants. What a world, man. Two of my favorite QBs of my lifetime in Washington....still doing the exact same things they did in Washington! I've spent so much time on this here website blogging about RG3 and Colt McCoy, and here we are again, who woulda thunk it, in 2020, I'm still blogging the exact same thing. AND Kirk Cousins was on Pardon My Take this week!



I mean what is next for former Washington QBs? A Jason Campbell resurrection? Where's Patrick Ramsey at these days? John Beck? COLT MF'ING BRENNAN?????!!!!! We have had some sort of run at QB. At least we found our savior in first round pick…ah fuck it, nevermind. I wonder who will be next!