The Story of the BYU Equipment Truck's Trek Across America Is the Most Fascinating Part of the Cougars' Game at Coastal Carolina This Weekend

Everybody was excited when No. 13 BYU and No. 18 Coastal Carolina announced on Thursday they would be playing a game in just over 48 hours. But while the players can fly from Utah to South Carolina, the equipment truck still has to drive across the country and be there by the time the players land Friday afternoon. So BYU's truck drivers Hal Morrell and Fili Taufa had quite a task ahead of them.

The pair was actually told to pack up the truck and start heading in the direction of the Carolinas on Wednesday, with no guarantee the Cougars would even be able to finalize the game against the Chanticleers.

Sports Illustrated — In a heady move, BYU began preparing for Coastal on Wednesday afternoon, even sending out that equipment truck of theirs on Wednesday night. Off went Hal and Fili, bumbling down the road and, to keep the negotiations secret, having only been told one thing: head toward the Carolinas (and oh, hope there’s a game when you get there).

I'd encourage everybody to go check out the @byuequipment Twitter account from the last couple days for all the updates from these two guys, because they have been hauling ass across America to make sure BYU plays a football game on Saturday. They seem like the two coolest truck drivers any team could ever ask for.

Without these two guys, there is no impromptu top 25 game this Saturday between two of the best stories in college football this year. It's a shame BYU did what it did to Tennessee last year, because these guys seem so easy to root for. I'm definitely a Hal and Fili fan, though.