The Dak Vs Carson Debate Is Officially DEAD Because Wentz Is Now "Historically Bad" aka Trash

Ever since Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott entered the league in 2016 competing against each other in the same division, the debate has been there. 

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An argument made for the hot take machine; on the tips of every sports news pundit’s tongue to banter about whenever one has a good game, a terrible game or the news day is as slow as Carson Wentz is to get up after a hard tackle. 

You can find segments 2 years ago all the way up until 2 days ago on this very subject. 

Truth be told there was a time when this was a REAL debate. You know, back in 2017 when Wentz was leading the Eagles to an 11-2 record and a 101.9 rating before going down with an injury and having to watch BD Nick lead them to their Super Bowl victory over the Patriots.

Since then though, Carson has been WILDLY inconsistent to downright TRASH. Blame it on Lurie not getting him enough weapons, blame it on the injury bug, blame it on the PTSD he currently operates with while under center after two really bad injuries, but no matter the why, the truth is the same. 

Every year since the 2017 season… Carson Wentz has regressed. His record as a starter since his injury is a pathetic 17-20-1, and the personal stats? Ouch. According to Jeff Kerr:

Carson Wentz is on pace to have one of the worst seasons for a quarterback in Philadelphia Eagles history, certainly since the turn of the century. While Wentz's struggles can't be pinned entirely on him, the Eagles need more from a quarterback they owe $132 million over the next four years -- especially considering he is competing with Sam Darnold and Drew Lock for the title of NFL's worst quarterback in 2020. 

The Eagles quarterback has reached historic marks of NFL futility with his decline in play from 2019 to 2020. Since 1950, Wentz is the sixth quarterback -- and only one under age 30 -- to have his passer rating decrease by more than 24 points from his passer rating over the previous three seasons (minimum 1,000 attempts). Wentz had a passer rating of 98.3 from 2017 to 2019, which has dipped to 73.4 in 2020. 

Wow. When words like “worst” and “struggles” and “historic” are used in close proximity to each other, you know it’s bad. But this bad???

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2020 has been the culmination of his sucking. And we probably should have seen it coming when the Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts, another QB in the second round and started getting first team reps even though Carson is as physically healthy as he’s ever been.

Sidebar, Eagles fans, Carson Wentz isn’t old as shit like Aaron Rodgers, so don’t give me the “we need a succession plan in place for our AARP card-carrying 27-year old QB”. IMO, you don’t grab a QB in the second round unless you’re thinking about him starting SOON. 

Against the Seahawks, Hurts played two snaps and threw one pass, a completion for six yards. So he is teetering on the edge of some real playing time. It’s not even a Hot Take any more.

If you’re reading the tea leaves, Carson Wentz is PROBABLY on his way out as a starter. Dak Prescott’s stock has never been higher. 

In just under 5 games before his season-ending injury, Dak Prescott threw for 1856 yards and 9 TDs -- an average of 371.2 per game and on pace for almost 6k yards for the season. Even though he hasn’t played in a month and a half, he still ranks #4 in the NFL in QBR.

That is NUTTY. 

Carson Wentz on the other hand ranks 27th out of 31, better than only Trash ass Sam Darnold, Nick Foles, Drew Lock, and Nick Mullens. 

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The horse is dead. It’s not just been dead, but it’s collecting flies and maggots at this point. Let’s bury this conversation once and for all. Dak is not only much better than Carson Wentz, he is arguably the best quarterback to come out of the 2016 class, no disrespect to Jared Goff (currently the #24 ranked QB in the NFL BTW). 

In fact, I bet you if Sean McVay and Les Snead had a time machine, they would draft Dak 10 times out of 10.  

It’s always nice when you can throw dirt on a bad take, and Carson vs Dak hasn’t been a real argument in over two years. So with every bad pass, every ball held too long that leads to a sack, and every Eagles loss getting Wentz closer and closer to a job holding down a bench, this take gets buried deeper and deeper. Where it belongs. 

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Hey, Eagles fans. At least you only owe Wentz $144 million through 2024. Hahahaha.