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Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler Dropped a New Song 'Stay Next To Me' And It's a Bop

That kids is what we call a bop. You put Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler on a song together and it's going to be fire. Almost zero chance that song was going to miss, but man is it fire. That music video made me miss bars that much more. Any chance this vaccine works and a year from now we're back cooking like nothing ever happened? Here's to hoping. 

Quinn helped discover Cutler back in the day and it's awesome whenever they decide to team up like for Flare Guns three years ago. Both artists are on the up and up and should have albums of their own out in 2021 sometime. Safe to say I'm excited. It's no secret I have this obsession with Cutler's voice. If I'm blogging I'm most likely listening to her stuff. I'm not ashamed to say that's all I did during the pandemic. Spotify's wrapped backed that up. 

Still furious this guy had the .005% percentile. What an asshole.

Also, Quinn going on KFC radio will be awesome. Long time coming. 

Happy Friday, we did it again.