Blink-182 Playing Every Song Fast As Hell In 2004 Gets The Juices Flowing


I love this show. This is blink-182 at their musically best, but boy did they not like each other at this point. It's so good how everything sounds like it's on double time, I don't know how Travis' arms didn't fall off his body. 

If you want the other GOAT YouTube of a blink show, it's obviously Big Day Out 2000.



Gimme one more tour with Mark and Travis, Tom. All the hits. None of the new stuff. Yes, Neighborhoods is allowed. It doesn't get the credit it deserves but I really enjoy Neighborhoods. One more tour and then we're good.

Also remind me to see Tom/Angels and Airwaves next time they roll through. I love this.



This has been a wakeup blog. First one in FOREVER. Was fun. Have a good Friday my friends.