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In Standard MLB Fashion, Teams Don't Know If The NL Will Have A DH Or Not In 2021

Hey Mr. Manfred, hope you're enjoying the offseason. Last we saw the commish you were handing that piece of metal to the Dodgers while a Covid-19 positive Justin Turner walked around the field without a mask, so what you been up to lately? I know what you haven't been doing, deciding if the National League will have a DH or not in 2021. Teams have started to announce when pitchers and catchers report and it's about 2 and a half months away, some teams would like to begin to build their roster now, ya know?

Obviously in the 2020 season the NL had a DH, weird games, weird rules. Everyone assumed that the rule would stick for 2021 because lets face it, no one wants to watch pitchers hit. We want to watch a guy who is actually interested in hitting a ball, that's part of baseball. Not a pitcher standing in the back of the box waiting to get back to the dugout. Some pros of the NL having a dh? 15 more jobs for guys to hit homers. It lets guys stay in the bigs longer, it's an extra weapon for teams, and its additional offense. Isn't that what this sport needs? More runs, more home runs, more action? Why would you not want the teams in your league to put out their most potent lineups? It doesn't make sense to not have it. 

The players are in favor of it because like I said earlier, it prolongs guys careers. Nelson Cruz is 40 years old and wants to keep machine homes. He's sitting there waiting to see if a NL team will have a DH spot so he can consider signing with them. Same can be said for a guy like Kyle Schwarber, Renato Nunez, and a few others. It allows a guy to stay in the lineup but not have to play the field, ask Bryce Harper in 7 years if he wants to be out in right field or first base, I'm sure he'd kill to be able to DH when he's that age. 

I think it would be a terrible move for the NL to allow pitchers to go back to hitting. If you're going to keep any of the rules from 2020, it has to be the universal DH. Again, you have guys who WANT to sign with teams just waiting to see if an NL team will offer them dough to be a DH. I don't see any downside to keeping it like that. But baseball is gonna baseball and Rob Manfred, a guy who actually doesn't like baseball is going to try and find a way to mess this up. Let's hope Manfred uses that pea sized brain and allows the NL to have a DH permanently.