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Wild Video From Texas As A High School Football Player Lays Out The Ref After Being Thrown Out Of The Game

Due to following so many CFB accounts, random high school football news will pop up on my timeline here and there. Usually a wild play catches my attention, something I can throw up on one of our social accounts. Never in my life have I seen something like this. 

We’ve all wanted to throw our drinks at a ref a time or two, but come on duuuuuude. You can’t be taking a 30 yard head start to lay out an old man like that! That’s assault, brotha!!!!

The slow build up of the screaming fans in the background made it feel like I was watching something from a movie. And then the coach in the red? I assume that’s the head coach. He didn’t even react! It was almost like he expected it. “There’s #88 acting up again.”

“Hard to see Duron, a senior, playing another game for the Bobcats — win or lose — after that incident”

Uhhhhh ya think? Hard to see how Duron doesn’t get criminally charged after that!