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The Mets Are Finally Finalizing A 4 Year, $40 Million Contract With James McCann

That rambling video filmed in a grocery store parking lot pretty much summed it up, but I like this deal for the Amazins. We all know that JT Realmuto was at the top of the list of all free agents, let alone catchers. But McCann seemed to be the clear 2nd best catcher out there and locking him up for $40 million over four years is a deal if Realmuto and Scott Boras get anywhere near the $100+ million deal they want. Both catchers will be 30 on Opening Day next season but one will likely be getting paid a whole lot less than the other after these last two years.

I know that everyone has been making a big deal about Steve Cohen's billions of dollars and being a lifelong Mets fan. But the reason we are so excited about him is that he also wants to spend a shitload of money wisely. If Sandy Alderson thought going into the gourmet sections and getting a nice aged strip steak for half the price of the filet was the way to go so he could load up on other delicious foods as well, then that is what the Mets should do. Besides, do you think a guy with a wallet like this is scared to spend some big?

Shout out to Uncle Stevie making this move after giving out bobbleheads to season ticket holders today. PR 101.

Now I'm not going to try and act like I was scouting James McCann while chewing on a cigar with a fedora on. But every White Sox fan I've heard from on Twitter loved him, including Scoop City resident White Sox Dave.

Really good insight on McCann from Dave here:

Throw some fancy advanced stats out there to go along with his reputation for being a catcher that pitchers enjoy throwing to

Along with an electric dance video

And we have ourselves a goddamn starting catcher! 

In fact, the biggest issue I have with James McCann is his last name. Just seeing the M word in writing makes me think of that hardo ex-Brave Brian. Other than that, I love Stevie Claus giving us two smaller but nice presents in Trevor May and James McCann before giving us the big one whenever he's ready to.

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