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Justin Bieber Wants People To Stop Trolling His Wife Already

I have two ways to look at this. One being - Jesus Christ Selena Gomez fans, you're embarrassing yourselves. GIVE IT UP ALREADY! HE'S HAPPILY MARRIED! SELENA DOESN'T WANT HIM! They were a toxic whirlwind romance that stretched throughout their teens and came to an abrupt, much needed halt in adulthood. How fucking annoying must it be to hear about your ex every fucking day? Even more annoying - imagine being Hailey! Having to hear about your HUSBAND'S ex every single day! Sure, she can just look down at her big ass wedding ring to remind herself that she's Mrs. Bieber, but a rock like that only provides so much validation. 

The other way to look at this - Justin, are you guys soft? You letting this random troll get to you? You're JUSTIN BIEBER. You are so much better than all of these psychos, even AFTER you were peeing in a mop bucket. And Hailey? I need my girl to troll right back. I want an IGTV long video of her and Justin making out. Captioned "MY TOUNGE'S DOWN JUSTIN BIEBER'S THROAT, WHERE'S YOURS?"