Jake Paul Says He Was "Selected By The Gods To Be The New Mayweather" And The Offers He's Getting For His Next Fight Are "Overwhelming"


“My life has changed. Literally. The amount of deals, the amount of fight offers, the amount of people that are just hitting me up, from celebrities to fighters to everyone. It’s the craziest thing in the world and I became the biggest prize fighter overnight with that performance.”


What's crazy is I don't think Jake Paul is wrong at all. He is probably the biggest name fighter going right now. I mean take out Tyson, who will draw the biggest PPV buys? Maybe Floyd? Tyson Fury? But do they at their current ages move the needle like Jake Paul does? In an internet world, Jake Paul is king. Nobody in boxing is all over the place promoting himself, and the fight, like Jake Paul. When he calls himself "the biggest prize fighter", I don't think he's blowing smoke. He continues:


“What people don’t under-fucking-stand is how fucking hard I have gone for the past 2 years. Day in and day out to become a pro boxer and I’m beating pro boxers in sparring sessions in Las Vegas, the boxing capital of the world.”

“Boxing was put into my life for a fucking reason. I feel like I was destined for this and I was selected by the gods to be the new Mayweather and to carry the crown and make this sport juicy as fuck and put on a show.”


This is one thing I don't people quite get- he's been training nonstop as a boxer. It's not that he strapped on a pair of boxing gloves and decided to throw fists one day, he's been doing this for a while and now the world is taking notice.

I'm interested in seeing where he goes from here. Everyone is paying attention now. Who will his next opponent be? Does he challenge himself with a "real" fighter or does he stay the celebrity route? Either way, the money will be huge.

“Now the offers that are already coming in are just next level. I can’t even comprehend it. It’s overwhelming. When I told my mom the numbers that I was getting offered for this next fight she gasped and like almost fainted.”


Will it be Conor? 


“McGregor is getting the smoke, it’s gonna happen. I’m the money fight now.”


Love him or hate him, can't knock his hustle. From Vine star to YouTube celeb to being one of the biggest boxing draws, Jake Paul has done a lot right to make himself millions. 


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