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Drake's Music Being Played On A Driving Range Caused Two Golfers To Get In A Twitter Fight

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Well how about these pussies?  Passive aggressively arguing about music being played on the driving range on Twitter.  That level of passive aggressiveness is usually reserved for relationships, not a couple of bros on the golf course. The hash tag #whatisthismiddleschool that Will used is laugh out loud funny but not in a good way.  Maybe the lamest hashtag on Twitter and that’s saying a lot. On the other side, Brendan Steele seems like a really fun guy to have a beer with.  Instead of simply walking over to the guy and being like, “Hey, could you turn down “I’m On One” a little bit.  I’m trying to concentrate” he goes behind the dude’s back and tattles on him.  Bitch move.  And then also coming back with a “dog” in his rebuttal.  Lame.  All in all, maybe the dumbest Twitter fight in history over the dumbest thing in history.  All the while, you’ve got 21 year old Jordan Spieth out there collecting hardware and half way to a grand slam and these dudes are arguing about music on the driving range.  Maybe less of that and more practice and they won’t make headlines for hip hop music making them angry.