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HBO Announced That The Game Of Thrones Prequel "House Of The Dragon" Will Begin Production In 2021 Along With Some Concept Art

Look, I understand why pretty much every single reply to the tweet above ranges from angry to sad to furious with a side of brokenhearted. What Game of Thrones did to people's trust during Season 8 is a form of emotional warfare that no group of people should ever experience. Trust me, I did a podcast on the Barstool network where we were worried about the way the final season was going for weeks and kept getting told we were being too negative until the entire world realized the season would officially go up in flames along with King's Landing.

However, there is one thing getting me excited about this show: Dragons are fucking cool. So so sooooooo fucking cool. Every time they were on the screen starting with the Season 1 finale, I just would stare at them in awe because my common man brain couldn't fathom that they were fake. I feel like HBO knows they fucked up big time with the way Thrones ended and are gonna drop their gigantic bags of money on the table for CGI dragons like Steve Cohen entering the MLB Winter Meetings looking for free agents. No expense will be spared and the writers will try their hardest to avoid any filler considering the entire fanbase is jaded as fuck right now. But with a bunch of dragons, some weird Valyrian voodoo, and more Targaryen incest than all of Pornhub's servers can fit, I'm excited.

Did I sell you on getting excited for House of the Dragon? No? Okay, well maybe this 1.5 hour video of every dragon scene from Thrones will do the trick!

P.S. If you have no interest in watching House of the Dragon and don't even want to give it a minute of your time, just tell yourself that nothing really matters since we know who becomes the king of Westeros once everything is said and done. #Branwagon