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It Looks Like I Owe Don Sweeney An Apology For Dougie Hamilton

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Alright Donnie,  I’ll man up and apologize. Can’t negotiate with a guy who doesn’t want to be seated at the table. If the Bruins offered 5.5 and Doug signed for 5.75 then that’s on him. I don’t know what the fuck kind of person would prefer to be in Calgary rather than Boston but maybe he is that loner weirdo afterall because if he actually wanted to be here you’d think the two sides would sit down and hammer out a deal when they were so close.


So looking back on last Friday, maybe Don didn’t have as disastrous a day as we all thought. I don’t think anyone disliked the Lucic trade even then, that time had come and the return was good. Dougie is the move everyone hated. Now, looking back with that 20/20 hindsight, the return wasn’t TERRIBLE. It wasn’t great, but a first and two seconds for the rights to a guy whose practically outright told you he’s not coming back (demanding 7 from Boston then signing for 5.75 says that loud and clear) isn’t horrible. You get the first and 2 seconds rather than a 1,2, and 3 if you lose him to an offer. That’s not bad.



So, I’m willing to eat crow and take back all those horrible words I screamed in my car about you on Friday night, Don. It wasn’t as bad as originally thought.


Zac Rinaldo is still a fuckhead though.