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Dana Altman Tears The NCAA A New Asshole For Not Letting Transfers Play This Year - Says Basketball Is All Players Have Since They Can't Date Or Party

 [Source] - "Think of school. No dates, no eating out, no parties. No nothing," said Altman. "It's not college. In 40 years of coaching college basketball, I don't think I've ever seen more stress on our player's faces than I have this year. I don't even think it's close. They are not having fun off the floor. Basketball is all they have."

"The NCAA, okay, they make it so everyone gets the year back anyway. They've made all these exceptions. We all know where this is going. One time transfer next year is going. Why are we punishing anybody? The scoreboard is about 200 to 7 or 8. There are not many people [denied]. St Johns' agreed to LJ's transfer. So I don't know why. St. Johns has been great. I want to make that clear. St John's is not holding back LJ."

Let me be very clear here. Dana Altman is as correct as correct can be. It's a fucking joke that any player is denied eligibility this year on a transfer. Hell, so much so that the rule might just change in a couple of weeks: 

What the fuck is the NCAA doing when they deny a transfer waiver this year? More importantly, what they are doing when there's still not a ruling on players. It's like they legit forgot the season was starting. Remember, this is a year where eligibility doesn't even count! The fact they would deny anyone a transfer waiver should be illegal. Not even exaggeration, whoever denies a transfer waiver should be in jail. We know the NCAA is corrupt as shit already, this should be the final nail. 

We need more coaches to start blasting the NCAA for shit like this. Xavier did the same when Ben Stanley, who transferred because of a learning disability was denied. 

I couldn't imagine being a college kid right now. Like Altman says, no partying, no dates. Sounds brutal. 3/4 of college is partying. Then it's networking and then it's actually classes (unless you're a doctor or engineer. Please focus on classes so I stay alive). That's gotta be even more true if you're a big time college athlete. You get to go party wherever. Just have a completely different college life than most. Hell, even on road trips they just sit around and then play ball. Sure, there's something pure about that. But we're talking college. At Oregon. Oregon! 

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As always, fuck the NCAA.