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On July 4th The Foo Fighters Are Playing Their First Show Since Dave Grohl Broke His Leg And We Are Giving Away 3 Pairs Of Tickets At Park Tavern


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It’s official, the Foo Fighters are going on with their 20th anniversary show. And that means you’re in luck, because Barstool and Budweiser have never not given away tickets to Foo Fighters 20th anniversary shows. It’s kind of our thing. On July 4th we are giving away 3 pairs at Park Tavern, right after the 11am Nats game. Watch them beat the Giants and then head on over to the bar for cheap Buds and Bud Lights, delicious specialty burgers, and of course your chance to win those tickets. Even if you don’t win, it’s a great bar with outside seating and cheap drinks, the perfect place to start your July 4th drinking. Be there any time from 2-6 on Saturday and then head out for more 4th of July shenanigans.