Someone Call The Wambulance! I Haven't Seen A Michigan Man Cry This Much Since....

Wahhhhh. Wahhhhhhhhh. Wahhhhhhh. Somebody get the wambulance to the Michigan athletic director's office as soon as possible. We've got a big fat crybaby on our hands. 

Am I reading this right? I had to check and make sure this wasn't from a satire account. Did he really say "We've been playing this game since 1879. 1879. We're the winningest program for a reason because we play whoever is in front of us"? If I were a Michigan athletics donor, I would request a refund on every single penny that I contributed. This is the guy leading the charge?

There is NOTHING more Michigan than reminding everyone that they were good in the 1800s. I mean, they have never even won a National Championship that has been decided on the field of play. They're paper champions. They haven't won a conference championship 2004. They've lost to Ohio State 8 straight times and 15 of the last 16 years. And they're currently 2-4. But this athletic director is sitting here acting like they're the gold standard of college football. How DARE you think that Michigan doesn't want to play?

Here, Warde, I fixed it for you.

Okay Michigan, if you realllllly will do whatever you can to play a game, bring your healthy players to Columbus next weekend. I just hope…..and let me pause because I want to choose my choice of words wisely……that our scoreboard can go up to triple digits. Because Ryan Day, Justin Fields, and the Buckeyes offense may hang a hundred on your sorry asses. But congrats on your 1902 national championship as determined by the Houlgate Mathematical System. Losers.