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FACT: Nobody Knows How To Party Harder Than This Fella Right Here

One man bands always kick ass. That's just a fact of life. But this guy is different. This guy was put on this Earth to do one thing and one thing only--party. 

And I'll tell you what. It's a good thing he doesn't seem to be located in the US. Because I'm almost certain it's illegal in all 50 states to party that hard. Buddy would get locked up for life here. It would...make the judge's day to toss him in the slammer. But considering the French in the tweet, he's free to live his life of total non-stop ragery. 

Also, can we talk about how good that dog is? Obviously Mr. Robitaille over here (probably Luc's brother) spends enough time performing these bangers that the pup isn't even phased by the noises anymore. But to not even start acting up a little bit and thinking that shaker is a toy? Looks like we've finally found our answer to the age old question of who's a good boy.

Now all we need is the crossover of the millennium to happen.