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A Stripper Who Was One Of The First 'Naked Snapchat Girls' Got Banned For Being Naked On Snapchat

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Mirror – A glamour girl who was BANNED from Snapchat for posting naked shots has hit back by going full frontal on Twitter.

Model Chelsea Ferguson, who works at Newcastle’s Blue Velvet strip club, tweeted a photograph of herself completely naked in an effort to get back on Snapchat and promote her job.

The blonde wrote: “Tonight @BlueVelvetFYEO I’ll be there 8pm-4am fully nude” as the caption for her naked snap, which saw her ever so slightly cover her private area with her leg.

Her X-Rated snaps, which included photographs of her cooking breakfast naked and lifting up her top in a mirror, got her throw off the photo-sharing app but she’s not giving up without a fight.

She told Daily Star Online: “I was the queen of Snapchat and my t**s were the crown jewels so I think they should un-ban me and put me back on my throne.”


Here’s a link to the NSFW Snapchat in question that was supposedly the last straw, definitely a naked photo but not anything that insane that’d be worthy of shutting her down forever. If anything, this is the part of Snapchat that pisses me off. I used to think it was just a relatively pointless company but I kind of enjoy it now; I don’t want to tweet or Instagram a bunch of dumb shit but with Snapchat it’s easy and different and people actually get a chance to see it on their Stories. But fundamentally the way that at least 25% of their audience uses Snapchat is just trying to scam nudes off chicks, that’s just part of the app’s value proposition. And a lot of these girls like Chelsea Ferguson brought new people to the app in the first place because they wanted to see tits once Snapchat Stories came out. Just because Good Housekeeping and Martha Stewart are on there now trying to be relevant with the kids doesn’t really change that. So I say be nice to the enterprising harlots out there trying to hustle and use emerging media to get dudes in for lap dances and probably very discreet and dry backroom HJs. You’d rather have them on your side than against you.






Also I initially tried getting some pics from her Twitter but they’re literally all nude photos on there so, here, have a Tuesday.