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Any Year The Steelers Sweep The Ravens Is A Good Year; Pittsburgh Moves To 11-0


Every Steelers fan was hoping for the best. We were hoping for a 30-point blowout like when the Steelers play Cleveland, but you knew it couldn't be that easy. 

Not against the Ravens. 

Hardly ever is. A win is a win is a win is a win. Last two weeks have been blowouts against Cincy and Jacksonville. The Steelers were due for an unnecessarily annoying, sweat it out game and that's exactly what we got.

Unfortunately the top story of the game is going to be the status of Bud Dupree. He went down late in the 4th quarter when his knee and now it's being reported that it looks like he unfortunately tore his ACL. Shit. 

Nonetheless, 11-0. Let's hand out a few game balls:

Joe Haden

Another great game from Joe Haden on the outside. Of course he set the Steelers up early with a beautiful read and interception that he took back to the house for an early lead. He was key in those outside runs stretching them out and assisting in run defense. Joe is going to be key down the stretch especially if the matchup happens we all hope happens. 

TJ Watt

Continued to add to a potential DPOY candidacy. 7 tackles, 3 for loss, 2 sacks. He's gotten a game ball almost every week, but he's been that good. Pending Bud Dupree's status after his potential knee injury, TJ's play is going to continue to be even more important than ever in December and a January run. He's going to have to ramp it up even more. 

James Washington

The guy had two catches for 19 yards, but his second catch was the most important of the game. 3rd down. Steelers backed up with just over two minutes left in the game. Ravens bring the blitz. Big Ben takes a chance, lofts a touch pass over the middle of the field, and James Washington somehow comes up with a huge, HUGE contested catch with three defenders around him. 

A whole lot to clean up. Without a doubt. It wasn't anywhere near perfect, but they're coming off two straight blowouts, had to get their game postponed four times, and came out on top sweeping the Ravens for the season after getting swept by them in 2019. 11-0. That's all you can ask for. On to Washington.