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We Got The Full RG3 Experience In The Matter Of Minutes - A Sick Run And Then A Possible Leg Injury (HE'S FINE)


This has been a roller coaster of a first half for us RG3niacs. He started the game 2/2. Then an INT. Got sacked a couple times. But then on the other side of the coin, that run was classic RG3. He still has the wheels and the vision...and still puts himself in spots like too!



Not great Bob!!!

And then, of course, we got a possible hammy injury. Pulled up after a scamper, and I thought that was it. He was limping, it was horrific. But he didn't miss a snap! My guy!!!!

He finished the first half 5/9, 22 yards, 1 INT, and 5 rushes for 56 yards. Vintage shit. Also, Hollywood Brown, would it kill you to put effort into catching a ball? What the fuck was that?

All in all, a decent half considering he never practiced and the entire team is out with COVID. Hot seat: Lamar Jackson?