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Office Snapshot: El Pres Stumbles Upon A Tattoo Operation On The HQ Bar

Every now & then the cameras around HQ are randomly rolling & whatever they capture pops up around the office for all to see in real time; It's why I don't pick my nose or steal as much anymore. Well today I was in 'Pod Room 1' about to record Out & About with Pat when I glanced up at one of our TVs & saw a classic Barstool moment unfolding... 

Dave, who runs around doing 10,000 things all day long so he doesn't have the time to know what everyone is up to, strolls out of his office en route to the radio room, glances to his left & sees Vibbs hunched over Donnie's body as a tattoo gun buzzes away. I watched as it literally stopped Dave in his tracks for a moment & he just stared, absorbed it, and then shook it off & kept right on walking the other way to the radio room. Situation normal, not a word said.

I suppose stuff like this isn't necessarily blog-worthy (she typed into her blog) but it's one of the reasons I love working here so much. You never know what scene you're going to stumble upon when you turn a corner or look up at a TV. 

Yesterday everyone was taking turns tattooing oranges & today half the office has a new tattoo… Feits, Devlin, Nick (with a DOOZY)… the list goes on. 

Excited to see the next Lowering The Bar because it's some of the hardest I've heard people around here laughing in a while, and we laugh alot (humblebrag). Big time shoutout to longtime Stoolie, Nick's grandma, for her first appearance on the show.

Also, please everyone lay off Dave's socks. (It was totally a weird angle & he has to change like 20x a day for different shows.)