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A NYC Dentist From Hell Is Terrorizing His Neighbors & The Videos Are Nuts


According to testimony & videos collected by NBC 4 NY, Dr. Michael Medeiros seems committed to terrorizing his building... Jumping on a neighbor's Vespa scooter & slashing the tires, banging on doors & smashing the handles with a baseball bat, screaming & cursing everyone out, knocking items over, biting a doorman to the point where it broke skin, and even ambushing & attacking one gent leaving their shared parking garage among other things. Nightmare fuel.

Hearing the neighbors say they're frightened to take their dogs out on walks, and that they literally plan what their defense moves would be as they cautiously walk the halls is nutty. I got chills when the one guy looked past the camera & said with utmost confidence, "This WILL end in a murder/suicide," because I can legit see that. Those close encounters captured in the doorways gave me serious Tony-Perkins-on-bath-salts vibes. 

Giphy Images.

Also wild that there's nothing much the law or his landlord can do at this point, & that his attorney says he's being falsely accused when there's clearly so much cell phone & building surveillance video evidence of what he's been up to. 

As for his dentistry work, I was scrolling through a Reddit post on this story & am seeing several folks realizing, "Aghh! That is/was my dentist!"

According to some reviews like this one from October 2019 there were a few red flags well before this info came out in the news:

So best of luck to anyone dealing with this fella. And as per usual I feel the need to throw my obligatory, "I hope he gets the help he CLEARLY needs," out there, but most of all I hope his neighbors get the relief, safety & peace they deserve and that justice is served. If you've ever had a shitty neighbor you know how much it truly does mess up your quality of life and this case is extreme. Weird, wild stuff.