Marshawn Lynch Had All Sorts Of Social Anxiety Last Night On Conan (Not At All)


Standing ovation for Marshawn Lynch. I cannot believe he overcame his paralyzing social anxiety to appear on the Conan show and jump into a pool filled with Skittles. So happy for him. After years of being beat down with social anxiety disorder and definitely not a case of him being an enormous asshole, he has finally overcome the odds. Makes me so happy to see he could beat the anxiety and self-promote on a late night talk show. Finally able to overcome his inability to answer 4 minutes of questions at the Super Bowl. Think I just shed a tear of happiness.

(We are all in agreement he has been lying about having a social disorder for years and it’s incredibly fucked up right? He’s just an asshole. PS: Remember when the Seahawks didn’t run the ball? That was something.)