South Park Just Crushed Dan Snyder, The Redskins, and The NFL

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What an episode. South Park taking Dan Snyder, the Redskins, and the NFL to task. Beat them down and it was hysterical. First off, seeing Cousins in the episode when the commercial used RG3 was laugh out loud funny.


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Cartman as the head of his own company called the Washington Redskins answering the phone “Washington Redskins, go fuck yourself” was about as spot on as possible. I’m convinced that’s how Snyder has his people answer the phone.


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Not really sure how long it will take shirts with the Redskins new logo to get into the Barstool Store but I hope it’s before I’m done typing this blog.

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Dan Snyder took on the Cowboys by himself because the players were too embarrassed to wear the jersey anymore

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And Jerry Jones made a cameo.

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A terrific episode and a must-watch. Validates everything I’ve said about Snyder since I’ve started this job. If you didn’t get a chance to see the episode, I highly recommend it.


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