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RG3 Turns His Career Around Today

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I will never not be an RG3 fan. It's in my blood. In my DNA. That 2012 season was so magical, so majestic, that it's impossible to root against him. 

If you watch his tape from 2012 you could reasonably think you are watching the best QB of the last decade. Laser precision, unbelievable arm, and the best running QB the league had ever seen. Even as a rookie he was the full package. And then we all know what happened next with the injuries, benchings, more injuries, being out of the league, etc. But I've maintained that RG3 can start in the NFL. I saw 2012! He was unbelievable!

And now, today at 3:40, we get to see our friend Robert take the first step towards career resurrection. I honestly do not know how many starters are out for the Ravens, I think it's something like 20. So I have no idea what that O-line will look like, what weapons he has, etc. And I think they've practiced once in a week. But no excuses. No pressure, no diamonds. 

I'm just excited to see our guy back out on the field, getting another chance. It's going to be fun, and hopefully he plays well and turns some heads.