Devin Hester Says That Jay Cutler Was The Worst Leader He Ever Played With

"I played 11 years in the NFL. He's the best quarterback I ever played with when it comes to accuracy, power, and knowledge. The best quarterback I ever played with hands down. Now, when it comes to leadership...the WORST"--Devin Hester

Devin Hester is putting me in a real tough spot here. I loved Devin Hester. Most exhilarating Bear of my lifetime by far. If you were going to do a Mount Rushmore of electric Chicago athletes of the 21st century he is absolutely on it with Derrick Rose, Patrick Kane, and Javy Baez. So for him to throw some public daggers at Jay Cutler hurts. I don't want to have to say the things that I am saying, but Devin Hester has left me now choice. 

First things first...Devin Hester called himself a "#1 receiver" and a "star wide receiver"...sir. You are many things, but you were never any of those and it wasn't Cutler's fault. 

Never had 1000 yard receiving season. Never had more than 57 catches in a season, and that happened with Jay as his quarterback. I think it is possible that Devin Hester's perspective is clouded by him thinking he is a #1 when he was really just a return specialist. The greatest return specialist there ever was, but a return specialist nonetheless. I think the Bears paid him good receiver money with the hope that he'd turn into what Tyreke Hill has become, but it never happened. Maybe he didn't get treated like a #1 because he wasn't. Not saying that Jay was some great leader like Roger Staubach. However, saying he's the worst because he got a text message one time as he was passing you at Halas Hall while you were walking into a special teams meeting doesn't make him a bad leader. It just means that you weren't one of his guys. Kyle Long was. He has a very different impression of Jay

Sounds like the best guy ever. Sounds like a guy I want out front. He's not rah-rah. He's not the type to grab you by the facemask or pat you on the ass and say good job. He has been a leader and a good quarterback. I KNOW I ate the trash here with this. I know they were looking for clicks and views and Cutler does still moves the needle. I just can't ever let it go. I can't let people trash him because he doesn't deserve it. Let Jay live in peace. Things are bad enough for the Bears. We don't need to sully the name of the only good QB we've had in 35 years.