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Through 20% Of The Season The Blackhawks Still Don't Have A Regulation Loss

Saad scoring his first career goal


Well I said 10 days ago that I wasn’t going to get too pumped about about this Blackhawks start, the NHL season even in its shortened version is a grind, and after a couple spotty games in Minnesota and Vancouver I tried my best to temper my excitement but god damn is this team awesome to watch. The last two games especially have proven that they can win in every fashion. Saturday night the Hawks or actually Ray Emery, Absolutely stole a game they shouldn’t have won from Calgary and last night after being down 2-0 and 3-1 battled back to beat the second best team in the West. And yeah we can always nitpick. Keith has looked lost at times. Crawford is still good for a Crawford-esque period. The second line hasn’t quite gelled offensively yet (My money is on them figuring it out sooner than later, too much talent not to, and when they do other teams are really going to be fucked). But there also are SO many things to like about this team. Saad? Fucking awesome, guy is everywhere. Crawford bounced back from that atrocious first period last night, something he didn’t do last year. Hossa has been a beast. Oduya and Hjalmarsson have stepped up for Seabrook and Keith’s early season struggles and like I said before this team has a resiliency that you just have to love.


And the best part about this start? No team has had a tougher schedule. 10 out of the first 12 games are on the road. That’s unreal. So yeah, I’m keeping my expectations in check because its early but you can’t get much better than going 10 games without a regulation loss that’s for sure.


Such a classic Toews play last night on that game winning goal by Kane. Just never giving up on a play and always outworking the opponent.



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