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Kevin Durant Denies That He Talked To James Harden About Coming To Brooklyn

I should start this blog by saying obvioiusly none of us know the true story here when it comes to that workout. But call me crazy, this does all sound a little too familiar when it comes to Kevin Durant and the possibility of partnering up with an elite talent on the same team. We literally went through this exact same thing with Kyrie Irving. Remember when this came out?

What was the immediate spin from both guys? Just two friends talking! The media can make up stories and say whatever they want! Shit, Kyrie even said that

We now all know what happened. They got caught talking about teaming up, the move was to quickly blame the media when in reality everything that was speculated was actually true. 

So fast forward to this summer and James Harden. What do people expect Durant to do in this situation, admit that he tried to get Harden to BKN? I'm sure there are some tampering rules against all that shit. It's just a coincidence that after they work out together that Harden suddenly demands a trade to BKN? That feels like a stretch. Of all the possible destinations to choose, he just so happens to pick the one with Durant? Now maybe Harden always wanted to team up with his friend and Durant didn't have anything to do with it. I just can't imagine that the topic never came up at that workout. Maybe it wasn't Durant trying to recruit Harden, maybe it was just Harden asking about the Nets. It's not like it's totally random for those two guys to work out together, so I partly believe Durant here. He loses me when he says it's all the media and he had nothing to do with it, but I don't think it was some sort of recruiting mission or anything like that. 

Think about it. If the Nets are going to make a major trade like that, we don't think Kyrie/Durant are consulted? We don't think that two friends would talk about something like this? Given what we just watch happen with Durant and Kyrie, it seems to me like this is another version of that.

But like I said, none of us know the truth, and since the Rockets are pretty much refusing to trade Harden, we'll probably never know the full story. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again here. I cannot wait to see Kevin Durant play. I care way more about that than some James Harden rumors. As someone who thoroughly enjoys watching him play basketball, I'm hoping he's the same old KD we know and love. This guy

But hey, if the New York media wants to create all this drama and be a distraction as we enter the season, I certainly don't have a problem with it. 

So while I'm not sure this Durant explanation passes the smell test, I am almost certain this is not the last time he'll have to deal with "the media" reportedly "making stuff up". Things are only going to get hotter if the Nets aren't really good right away, because with a healthy KD and Kyrie it's basically Finals/title or bust because their window gets smaller by the year.