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Emilia Clarke From 'Game Of Thrones' Did A Valley Girl Accent On Kimmel And It Might Make Her Even Hotter

(skip to 0:25 for the accent)


Not that long ago I blogged about Emilia Clarke’s body double on Game of Thrones and how I thought she might actually be hotter than the Khaleesi herself. And in general I’m not as in on brunette Emilia Clarke as I am when she’s pale, blonde, and waking up naked in smoldering pits of fire. But I have to admit that valley girl accent does it for me every single time, the perfect blend of American beauty, cockiness and stupidity rolled up into one seamless package, one of our nation’s finest triumphs. And, to her credit, she even nailed the face you’d expect with it too:


Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 9.15.05 AM


It still continues to be one of the world’s greatest mysteries that British and Australian actors can do seamless American accents of any region with little effort but whenever an American tries a British one it comes out like “Jimmy the Cockney Shoe Shine Boy without a penny to his name but a heart of gold” but some times you’ve got to just recognize when you’re beat and just make it up with dental care and better access to vitamin D. Either way, the main takeaway is if Daenerys Targaryen gives up the hunt for the Iron Throne and moves to Bayside to pursue an American education ending with a B.A. in literature from Stansbury, I’m now fully supportive of that.


(via Uproxx)