President Obama Was Briefed On Aliens, But Won't Spill The Beans


Barack Obama got the lowdown as Prez on UFOs -- or the lack thereof -- and although he won't say if space aliens are a thing, his facial reactions are more than interesting.

Obama appeared on 'The Late Show' Monday night and Stephen Colbert asked the burning question ... whether 44 was briefed on UFOs. He was quick to answer -- yes. After all, the Roswell mystery has survived for decades, so presidents are all looped in.

Aliens are what's hot in the streets right now. Let's take it from the top of 2020:

Bob Lazar goes on Joe Rogan to talk about the weird shit he saw at Area 51:

This was the most interesting Rogan interview I've ever listened to, and I can't recommend it enough. Believe him or not, Lazar brings a REALLY compelling case to the table about what goes down at Area 51 and how he's been under a watchful eye since his encounters there in the 1980s or w/e it was. This interview was from 7-8 months ago, but is awesome in every way. Give it a shot. 

Then we had the Pentagon declassify THREE (3) videos of UFO encounters on American soil. You can read that blog by clicking this link, but it was centered on this video:

Then we got those assholes planting festivus poles in Utah and Romania right now:

And then earlier this week, President Obama admitted to alien existence without admitting to alien existence in an interview with Steven Colbert where Colbert COMPLETELY mousetrapped him:

We got you, you little snake in the grass. 

Now personally, I think it's time to shit or get off the pot for aliens. Either wipe us the fuck off the planet or assimilate into American culture and American culture only. Cut the foreplay bullshit and stick your P in our V. And while they're at it, they should feel free to figure out how to wipe this Covid shit off the planet in one fell swoop. Yeah I get that we have a handful of vaccines on the way, but that will take months on end to distribute. I'm too impatient for that and pitchers and catchers report in 2 short months. 

Monoliths, top secret classified military bases in the Nevada desert, and former presidents playing coy about alien existence? Fuck out of my face with all of that.