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MTV Has A Documentary Coming Out Friday Called "76 Days" That Shows What Wuhan Was Like During The Beginning Of The COVID-19 Outbreak

AP- “76 Days,” shot in four Wuhan hospitals, captures a local horror before it became a global nightmare. Given the constraints at the time on footage and information from Wuhan, it’s a rare window into the infancy of the pandemic. The film is directed by the New York-based filmmaker Hao Wu, who worked with two Chinese journalists — one named Weixi Chen, the other is remaining anonymous — to create of a portrait of the virus epicenter.

Look at MTV growing up right in front of our eyes by getting their Scorsese on and releasing maybe the most intriguing documentary of our lives, which I hope they can fit in somewhere in between the marathon of Ridiculousness marathons.

Everything in that trailer seems like it happened 100 years ago yet we are still living in the middle of all this nonsense on a daily basis as the world has seemingly been paused for a while now. I yelled at my calendar yesterday for telling me it was December 1st before my wife told me to keep it down because screaming at a piece of paper was scaring the kids. 

I still remember first hearing about Wuhan and the virus, seeing the videos of people being locked in their apartments along with hospitals and mass graves being created in high speed, and all the hullabaloo about what was going to happen next. I caught up on some podcasts from late January all the way until April and hearing the tone of everybody change as it becomes more and more obvious this virus was a motherfucking tsunami ready to fuck up the entire world is wild. I can't imagine seeing what it was like at Ground Zero of this real life horror movie, complete with the title of a horror movie, before it got to the point today where hundreds of thousands people getting the virus doesn't even make us bat an eyelash. Crazy shit, man. Crazy shit.

Everyone stay safe and stay sane out there.