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HBO's "How To With John Wilson" Is A Clever And Wacky Delight

When I first saw the previews for "How To With John Wilson", I was intrigued. I'm always down for a docu-series, especially one with an oddball comedic element. Still, I wasn't sure what to expect with this one when I fired up the first ep, "How To Make Small Talk".

But within a minute or so, I was hooked. As best I can tell, Wilson shoots a voluminous amount of seemingly random video and some 'person in the street' interviews in NYC and wherever else his adventures take him. He decides on a topic then edits the footage and adds his voiceover to the images in clever, ironic, and/or brilliant ways. The side trips from the main topic provide some funny and/or interesting interludes (like bringing a bag of chips to higher and higher altitudes).

The second ep, "How To Put Up Scaffolding", is hilariously informative about how and why NYC continues to sustain various scaffolding companies. 

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The other eps are titled "How To Improve Your Memory", "How To Cover Your Furniture", "How To Split The Check" (this ep should come with a trigger warning for those offended by tightwads), and "How To Cook The Perfect Risotto". Despite the disparate titles, there is a connective tissue throughout the six-episode season. At just 25 minutes an ep, it's a remarkably quick and highly entertaining binge. It also has moments of sadness and humanity and hopefulness to show that it's not strictly a comic venture.

This is the type of show you should discover by watching and not reading more about. A show seemingly about the mundane is anything but. It actually has quite a bit to say in its unique, sometimes indecisive voice. "How To With John Wilson" also serves as a quirky paean to both NYC and the unpredictable grind of life. A second season was recently announced and I can't wait for it.