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I Think I Have To Fight Steve Young At Rough N Rowdy?


I'm sorry, WHAT? What was that Steve Young? I didn't think so, bucko. You don't want these hands. Two for flinching, bitch. Because if there is any reason to watch the Ravens at all, it's to see RG3. Lamar Jackson is old hat. We know what he can do. He does a little throwing, a little running, wins the MVP, etc etc. But RG3? He's must-watch TV. He's done it all, from the 2012 season, the injuries, being out of the league, going to the Browns, and now teaching Lamar everything he knows about football. But the looming question always remains the same- can RG3 start in the NFL again? He's still only 30 years old. He still has a cannon for an arm. But we don't know what he is (or isn't) capable of because he's been primarily a backup since the catastrophe in Washington. He's the reason to watch. He's why Wednesday's game is can't-miss. 

And keep in mind, in classic RG3 fashion, he'll be fighting uphill. Something like 37 Ravens have COVID right now. Guys cannot taste a damn thing. So RG3 is going to have to make filet mignon out of a Hubbs steak (the new chicken salad out of chicken shit)



And I could not be more excited to watch. All in for RG3. Suck it Steve Young. 


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