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Halle Berry Defends Herself Over Rumors She's Terrible In Bed

NY Post - Halle Berry is laughing off negative comments LisaRaye McCoy made about her sex life.

On Fox Soul’s “Cocktails With Queens,” McCoy and her co-hosts, Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox, and Syleena Johnson, first discussed whether Toni Braxton was a good lover.

“Toni Braxton got some fine men back in the day,” Jordan, 47, said, implying she must be good in bed.

McCoy, 53, responded, “We don’t know what she’s doing in the bedroom. It could be like Halle Berry.”

When Jordan asked McCoy to clarify whether she was insinuating that Berry, 54, was a bad lover, the “Single Ladies” star said, “That’s what they say. That’s what I read, and that’s what I heard.”

Nobody and I mean NOBODY does jealousy like women. And make that extra true when it comes to that woman's man/boyfriend/husband being attracted to the woman they're jealous of.

Just reading between the lines here but I'm guessing this lady LisaRaye (pictured below) 

had issues with one or both of her ex-husbands 

Husband #1

Former Seahawks WR Tony Martin

Husband #2 Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands Michael Misick

I know guys, and if I know these guys Halle Berry was probably #1 on both of their hall pass lists. How can you blame them?

So guessing LisaRaye has had an ax to grind with Ms. Berry for decades now and she was licking her chops at the chance to drop this little tidbit.

“That’s what they say. That’s what I read, and that’s what I heard.”

Is there anything worse than this? 

That's what who says LisaRaye? And where did you read and hear this?

Halle Berry has been known since the David Justice days for being batshit crazy. And if there's one golden rule in life, it's that crazy chicks are definitely not dead fish. 

Berry then retweeted an article that covered the “Cocktails With Queens” segment, and wrote, “Ms. @TheRealLRaye1, ask my man @vanhunt he’ll tell ya all y’all need ta know,” with a crying-laughing emoji.

Definitely not a