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Cops Arrest And Fine Students For Throwing A Massive 200-Person Person Rave In The Middle Of Quarantine

Source - Shocking footage shows a mob of revellers dancing to loud music in Nottingham on Saturday night. 

The party then spilled out to the front of the halls of residence as pockets of smaller gatherings continued inside.

Cops said they managed to break up the rave but couldn't arrest anyone as the crowd dispersed - with officers still hunting the organiser.

A University of Nottingham spokeswoman said: "The overwhelming majority of students are following the rules and there are now just 16 cases of Covid-19 reported in a student population of 35,000.

"However, there is no excuse, we have been abundantly clear that where a minority breach Covid restrictions we will act, in concert with Nottinghamshire Police where necessary. It came as police were also forced to shut down a string of parties elsewhere in the city on Saturday as Nottingham prepares to enter the toughest Tier 3 restrictions.

At around 9pm, officers handed out five £200 fines to revellers at a gathering in Gonaslton.Cops are still trying to find the organiser and a driver who crashed into a police car as they fled the scene. Fines totalling £4,200 were issued at another party around an hour-and-a-half later.

Ahh to be young. Coronavirus? Don't know her! To be honest, I'm surprised this sort of thing doesn't happen more often. Especially at colleges where 99% of the population is healthy 18-22 year old kids all of whom were probably tested before arriving on campus. I'm not saying it's right that they were partying, I'm just saying that I understand why they were. 

Here's some video of the rave to give you an idea of just how big this thing was... 

There's a longer version here if you want it. Other than the crippling fear of contracting Covid it looks like a blast. Remember in college when you'd show up to a house party and it looked like this? 

A thousand sweaty people packed in a room, girls on the counter, everyone getting shit faced waiting for the cops to come break it up? I remember not even being allowed to enter the frat houses at UMass unless the girls we were with showed their boobs at the door. They always did too. I can't believe that was thing. 

That said, times have changed. There are no more boobie entrances, no more packing into houses, and parties in general are going extinct. $4200 in fines were handed out to those kids which may as well be $42 million when you're in college. 

I don't know what the rules are in terms of quarantine in England, but I hope they're out of it soon. This virus needs to go away and people need to have fun. That's what life is all about. Now I'm going to end this blog with a video of a rave from when I was in college back in 2010. I'm aware that makes me sound like a loser but I don't care. Shout out to Team Facelift and Red Bull. It was all fun and games until the deck almost collapsed. Good times!