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Style Watch: George Clooney Cuts His Own Hair With An Infomercial Flowbee

Thanks to George Clooney - who we'll get to in a minute - today's ZeroBlog30 got on the topic of 'barracks cuts'. These are haircuts done by your buddy in the barracks at the last minute because you forgot to hit up the barber over the weekend & you'll get thrashed if you show up to Monday formation with your hair out of regs. Unfortunately a barracks cut often turns out worse than just showing up with long hair because your pal either 1) doesn't know what he's doing with trimmers or 2) thinks it'll be hilarious to make you look like a moron & watch you get screamed at. 

Barracks cut examples as submitted to ZBT:

So what about George Clooney? It turns out 'the sexiest man alive' has had a do-it-yourself barracks cut for 25 years right in front of our eyes, and he's been doing it himself with a Flowbee of all things: 

Yes, from the infomercials… 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

Hmm. I've been slowly chopping away at my hair with kitchen scissors during the boredom of quarantines but the Flowbee is a whole other level of blind confidence. Guess when you're Clooney it's warranted. ::sigh:: If you'd like to be more like him I've checked and it looks like Flowbees are not for sale anymore but fear not - there's a whole world of wacky vacuum hair attachments that have taken it's place anywhere from $40 - $80. 

If you want to hear more about barracks cuts & ZBTs top 10 list of infomercial products check out today's episode of ZeroBlog30, and while you're at it give us a follow on Instagram and Twitter! We've also got a fantastic interview with Chick Donohue, a Marine vet who went all the way to Vietnam to bring his buddies some brews back in 1967.