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Steelers-Ravens Moved To Wednesday (For Now) But Who Really Knows What The Hell Is Going On

Thanksgiving night. Nope. 

Sunday at 1:15. Nope. 

OK how about Tuesday at 8? Nahhh. 

Now we're looking at Wednesday night football in the NFL, folks. 

Soooo the Ravens are just running the league now? I mean I know John Harbaugh bitches more than a divorcee, but damn what are we doing? 

The Broncos trot out a practice squad wide receiver who half the team doesn't even know on a days notice to START AT QUARTERBACK yet the Ravens just say "well I mean we need to practice"....? San Francisco had a legit practice squad playing a few weeks ago against the Packers on Thursday night no less because of COVID cases. Game gets played. 

It's just getting ridiculous, and I still have absolutely zero faith this game gets played on Wednesday night now even. But that's the plan as of now apparently so just cross our fingers that we'll at least get that.