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Jay Cutler Hung Out This Weekend With a Young Lady That Kristin Cavallari Fired

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about how Kirstin Cavallari appeared to be living a great live since her breakup with Jay Cutler. 

It didn't go over well with everyone who works here. Either because they don't share my message of female empowerment for a sad, lonely divorcee who'll be sitting by herself on date nights. Or because they believed Cutler was done wrong by his ex. 

For the latter I say, here is good news for you. Because apparently Cutler sent a message of his own empowerment with the above Instagram post. A message I'd missed because I'd rather watch C-SPAN while peeing into my own mouth like a chimpanzee than ever watch "Very Cavallari." But people who know this stuff recognized the ginger dangerette he was with. 

Source - Jay Cutler's latest hang out has people dropping their jaws.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, the retired NFL player had a mini Very Cavallari reunion with season one star and former Uncommon James employee Shannon Ford. As fans might recall, Kristin Cavallari famously fired her in the season two premiere.

"Oysters and wine," Jay captioned his Instagram video on Saturday, Nov. 28.

In his post, the 37-year-old athlete clinked his wine glass with Shannon and his BFF Mark "Chuy" Block, who also appeared in some Very Cavallari episodes. …

Jay and Shannon's hangout came as a total surprise, so much so that many of his followers commented on the post. "Stir that pot Jay. Stir that pot," one user replied, with another writing, "Jay savage."

"Petty Jay is the best Jay," another fan responded.

That would be this Shannon Ford, who was on the pointy end of some sharp bossing from the ex Mrs. Cutler:

There's nothing subtle about it. When there's 165 million females in the country and you're spending Thanksgiving weekend in a wine bar with the one who got famous because your then wife took a verbal hatchet to her on TV, that's not a coincidence. That is message, writ large. And received, I'm sure. Nothing will drive an ex insane like the mere suggestion you and one of her acquaintances hit it off while you were still married. Even if there was nothing going on between you. 

So well played, Cutler. Well played indeed. And pardon me for not being up on my slang, but is "oysters and wine" a sexual reference? I feel like it could be. Regardless, I'm with the comment section. Petty Jay IS the best Jay. Get some, Jay Savage.