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Lele Pons Is The Most Famous Person In The World That You May Have Never Heard Of


Every so often someone will come across my desk here on the 82nd floor of the Barstool Sports Building in New York City and I'll be stunned. It could happen for a myriad of reasons- maybe they are a stunning new model (people forget I discovered Alexis Ren), or possible a new UFC fighter (people forget I discovered Paige VanZant). But in this case I am stunned for one simple reason- This person named Lele Pons has 42.7 MILLION followers, and I had never heard of her before.


42.7 million followers is SO MANY FOLLOWERS. Like, let's put this into perspective. Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest music stars of our generation. All the hit songs, sold out tours, movie and TV roles, you name it, he's done it. Everyone knows Ed Sheeran. He has 31.6 million followers on IG. And Lele Pons has 11.1 million more than that!

So you might be thinking "alright, who is this Lele Pons cat that you're going on and on about?" Well, brace yourself...



A Vine star!!!! And according to SocialBook, she has the 86th most number of Instagram followers IN THE WORLD. Need more perspective, Lada Gaga is 73rd. Lady Gaga. LADY GAGA. This begs the question: Is Lele Pons the most famous not famous person to ever live? I think the answer is yes and it's not even close. 

Believe me, I'm not knocking her one bit. She obviously is killing it. I just thought it was wild someone could be so famous and I'd never even seen a picture of her before today. I think this is my "I'm officially old" moment. The TikTok age has passed me by. In case you were wondering why Dave does the BFF Podcast with the TikTokers, this is why. They are insanely famous and have huge followings, and a lot of us wouldn't know who they were otherwise. It's so smart.



PS: A+ Halloween costume. I think I'm a fan now?