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Of Course Rasheed Wallace Just Straight Up Missed A Flight To Hawaii For The Maui Invitational When He Was At UNC

Let's be honest, do we think Rasheed Wallace gave a single fuck he missed the official team flight to Hawaii? No. Why? Because he's Rasheed Wallace. He did whatever the fuck he wanted at all times. I don't blame him one bit. You have to be a certain kind of personality to just not give a damn and still be excellent at what you do. Sheed toed that line perfectly with techincals and still being a valuable player on a championship team. 

This seems like bullshit for Shammond Williams though. Don't get me wrong, I get the whole point guard being the leader of the team and holding the team together. Firmly believe it even. But you can't ask just one person who also is in college to make sure Rasheed does things like make the team flight to Hawaii. Then you punish him and make him run with Sheed? That's just crazy talk. 

From Simon Gratz to now coaching high school basketball, there might not be a more universally liked player than Wallace. Everyone enjoys him, it's crazy not to. But the real question is how did he get his own flight. I need an investigation into UNC basketball, which probably just result in a half ass investigation and say that every student was eligible for that flight so there was no cheating. If Dean Smith really wanted to punish Rasheed, he'd have left him in Chapel Hill.