Bill Walton Is Simply Not High Enough For This Game To Count As The Maui Invitational

We know 2020 is a weird year. Understatement to say the least. But here we are trying to be normal, watching the Maui Invitational during lunch time. One of the more underrated days in the cube is when you get the Maui kicking off Thanksgiving week and no one gives a shit you slap the game on your screen and zone out in the afternoon. This year though we're playing in Asheville, NC and it's a week after Thanksgiving. That's not the point. The point is Bill Walton is simply not high enough. You can't tell me he's the same guy as this: 

No, he's sitting at home making up shit about Kevin Garnett playing at Texas. 

We're even getting the goods with him giving Jason Benetti a nickname and talking about how it's the best he's ever seen a player play in his career. A career that's two games in. 

Don't get me wrong, he's still awesome. I still want to be entertained with Walton going off the rails in the middle of the afternoon. But he's not nearly high enough. Not for this to count as the Maui Invitational. There are clearly different Walton's. There's Maui, there's late night Pac-12 and then there's the random game. Right now he's the lowest of the three highs. Unacceptable. 

PS: Him being befuddled that Shaka Smart has hair was the most accurate thing he's ever talked about.