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A Bodybuilder From Kazakhstan Threw A Lavish Wedding Ceremony Where He Married His Sex Doll In The Most Beautiful Moment Of 2020

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Who would've thought that a bodybuilder and a sex doll would create the most beautiful love story of the year that didn't involve a couple of middle schoolers playing Mad Libs? Old Me would've said that a bodybuilder marrying his sex doll is an example of why being strong is actually bad, since your friends won't tell you that you are making an awful decision because they are scared you can beat them up. But New Me says go for it! 

As someone that recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary, I can tell you that the toughest part of marriage isn't living together, sharing a bank account, or the inevitable fights that may pop up. It's seeing the look in your spouse's eyes when you let them down. It could be due to money issues, having the job of a joke monkey on a smut blog, or a quick trigger in the bedroom since you ran out of Roman Swipes (get your first month of Swipes for just $5, when you choose a monthly plan at 

However, all those issues go away when you are married to a plastic fuck doll. Excuse me, that's someone's wife. Plastic love making doll. There is no judgement in the Misses eyes when you make your, ummmm, deposit a little too early or have to tweet every minute on the minute during Black Friday because your boss is putting heads on spikes. She just quietly sits around the house with a demeanor as soft as her…skin produced in some random factory. We've all heard the phrase Happy Wife, Happy Life. So having a wife without the ability to feel anger or sadness pretty much ensures you a happy life for $100, $200, or however much a sex doll costs. Sorry, I'm not sure since I went the traditional route by marrying a human, spending thousands upon thousands on a "normal" wedding, and praying for my 4 or so nights of sex with a person like an absolute SUCKER!

Anyway congrats to the happy couple as well as Kazakhstan for now being known as the ass backwards home country of Borat AND the bodybuilder who married a love making doll!

P.S. What do you buy a couple like this that has everything? Lube and paper towels or just stick to cash?